About Us

This is the official Billyrosefitness website, created to help you achieve your fitness goals and get into the best shape of your life.
The plans available on this site have been formed by me from many years of training. These are my techniques, my set ranges, rep ranges, training intensity, the exercises I use and my diet plans that have helped me stay lean all year round as well as building lean muscle year on year.
I list out my supplements, what I take and when and the quantities needed for you do to the same.

About me

I am a WBFF Pro Muscle Model and WBFF European champion, sponsored by Dymatize Nutrition  and owner of the clothing brand 3Dmuscle. I have been training for over 20years, in that time having prepped some world class athletes and walked the walk myself on the big stage. I am London based and work out of some of the leading gyms in London. I am a professional prep coach, online trainer and personal trainer for my London based clients.

If you would like further information on competition prep or online coaching then please contact me.

Fitness Achievements

  • WBFF Pro London 2014
  • WBFF Pro European Champion 2012
  • Body of Africa Winner and Judge
  • Miami Pro and TFE Judge
  • Muscle & Fitness Magazine Model Publication – UK
  • Dymatize  Nutrition Athlete
  • Musclefood and Sketchers Sponsored
  • Anorld Classic Champion & overall champion 2017
  • San Marino Pro champion 2017
  • Olympian 2018