Training Programs

Below are the 3Dmuscle training programs available to take your physique to the next level.
The plans available on this site have been formed by me from many years of training. These are my techniques, my set ranges, rep ranges, training intensity, the exercises I use and my diet plans that have helped me stay lean all year round as well as building lean muscle year on year.
I list out my supplements, what I take and when and the quantities needed for you do to the same.
I will tell you my secrets and what I do to achieve the 3D muscle look.
What makes these plans unique is you will have dedicated support from me, once a plan is purchased you are provided with dedicated contact details for that particular plan to help assist you through your fitness journey and your road to shreds.
These are the plans that keep my athletes in top condition all year and ensure they are winning their competitions. I'm proud of my athletes and my clients, everyone of them gets results - now its your turn...
Each program is catered to the individuals body weight and includes a detailed plan of action including:
  • Supplement advice and recommendations - the supplements I take

  • Full 7 day diet plan

  • Weight training plan

  • Cardio plan

  • Dedicated email support

  • Everything you need to get started